Welcome to MRKAS

Mrkas is a security and military technology solution provider, dedicated to use rapidly evolving technologies in enabling and enhancing today’s security. At Mrkas, our hard-earned experience in various aspects relating to innovative technologies, sustainable strategies and security enhancements coupled with project management and implementation are put to our customers’ services. We help our clients in taking advantage of the best available resources to maximize their business profitability, peace of mind and achieve set goals.

Care & support

Our dedicated emerging technologies ‘Centers of Excellence’ enable us to harness the latest technology for delivering business capability to our clients.

  • We Give our clients 100% satisfaction on their desired requirement.
  • We are a team of professionals who possess sound working experience.
  • We follow the strong principle of giving as asked
Demining Systems
Tactical equipments
Security Technologies

Why Choose Us?


Mrkas is established to provide cutting edge global solutions meeting international standards in high security and technology sectors through its three operating companies and international partners.


Mrkas vision is to deliver optimized solutions and provide excellent service and value to our customers that facilitate customer retention and revenue growth.


Adopting hands-on approach with clients & partners, drilling through barriers, and setting aggressive performance parameters for client satisfaction without compromising commitments to clients, partners and people, Mrkas moves forward to achieving no less than excellence within the internal and peripheral domain of its business operations.


Mrkas team consists of highly qualified professionals in all aspects of the telecommunications, safety and security fields, which have made it one of the lead solution providers in the industry.

  • Turn-key communications systems and network solutions
  • Industrial and Building Electronic Security, Safety Equipment and Systems
  • Office Automation Equipment and Systems
  • Detection, Monitoring and Measuring Equipment and Systems
  • Contractual commitments for Operations and Maintenance
  • Special Software Applications
  • After-Sales Service and Support.
  • Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Turn-up
  • Operation and Maintenance from existing Work Centers
  • Customers and Staff Training on Operation and Maintenance Activities
  • Spares and Inventory Management
  • Site Surveys and Technical Feasibility Studies.
  • Technical Requirements and Specifications Development
  • Projects Management
  • Facilitating a Host of Consultancy Services